Leadpages Pricing & Review (The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly)

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LeadPages is ​a great system to help you build beautiful landing pages and sales pages EASILY. ​This powerful tool can help you grow your email very fast, but how much does LeadPages cost? Well, lets get into it..

​Leadpages Offers 3 Different Plans​

  1. ​​Standard Plan: $39/month or $399/year  Click here to try ​this plan for free ​​
  2. ​Pro Plan: ​$39/month or $399/year Click here to try ​this plan for free ​​
  3. ​Advanced Plan: ​$99/month or $999/year Click here to try ​this plan for free ​​

* You can switch your plan at anytime if you are on a monthly billing cycle, however you will save some money if you sign up for an annual plan.

Leadpages Pricing: Find Out Which Plan Is Right For You

Today we gonna talk about Leadpages. So, what is Leadpages? Let's start our Leadpages review by explaining more about the platform then we'll go on to Leadpages exhaustive list of features.

Leadpages is the number one software primarily used for lead generation and landing page creation. Use the easy to use drag-and-drop editor to create standing landing pages within minutes. Want to increase your email subscriber list? Want to build standing landing pages? Well, you can both with Leadpages.

Leadpages helps you to build an email list with ease. It is an online tool which helps you to grow your email list really quickly by offering your content upgrades pop-ups, lead boxes, and other things. And, also offers high converting landing pages. Leadpages is helpful for creating landing pages, creating webinars, creating lead boxes. More about this a little bit later.

With Leadpages you can create landing pages for your products, set up email sign up forms, and pretty much do anything to generate more leads for your business. The greatness of Leadpages lies in the easiness. You need to know any coding to create landing pages. It's drag-and-drop editor makes creating landing pages so easy. Leadpages offers tons of default template where you can swear by a conversion rate and can pick up for your blog.

In a nutshell, Leadpages is the best tool for lead generation, capturing more email subscribers, building landing pages with ease. Let's now, uh, get to details of Leadpages. Also, you can easily decide whether is the right tool for you or not.

What makes Leadpages so special from others? First, this is mobile friendly templates. Leadpages offers a ton of default high converting templates that you can use to build standing landing pages. Their templates are drag-and-drop which means you can easily drag any element, your major text, countdown timer, emails, signup form to build your landing page. Not only that they have a wide range of templates, but they are fully mobile responsive. It means that each of your landing page can be read and accessed from any device, be it smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

If you're building a profitable blog in 2020 and beyond, you already know the importance of mobile friendly web design. If your email signup forms, webinars, or landing pages are not mobile responsive, your traffic and conversion rates suffer really badly. That's why you need a platform that offers you default mobiles responsive templates like Leadpages does. You can start building the landing pages straight away using their drag-and-drop editor.  

So, the second one. Drag-and-drop customization. I am not a tech savvy. I know how frustrating it is to build landing pages without having any technical skills. Yes, you can hire developer or designer to build your landing page, but it cost you a ton to your pocket. Here's where drag-and-drop customization comes into handy. You need to know cutting at all to design a page that you want. You need not to take help of any developer, too. Use drag-and-drop editor. It allows you to customize each page according to your wish. Where you exactly you want the images, buttons, and any other widgets to be placed there, you can place it so easily. Just drop the elements where you want.

The third one. Easy A/B testing and analytics. Want to figure out the best promotional and marketing strategy for your business? A/B testing helps you in this regard. For website copy to search ads, you can test everything. Take any webpage and modify it to create another version of the same page. It could be change in complete design or a headline or button and anything. Half of the traffic goes to the regional page and half of the modified version of the page.The user engagement with each experience is measured and analyzed. It makes your marketing efforts much more profitable and successful.

How Leadpages make it easy for A/B testing? It turns an exciting land page into an A/B split test. Just click the A/B test button in the standard builder. A/B testing, you can know how each page and your blog is performing. With the results given by A/B split test, you can analyze what is best for your audience.

SMS opting codes and one-click sign up links. Smartphones are just everywhere. We can't live a day without them, right? Then, why not use them to grow your leads and email subscribers. Leadpages offers flexibility to leads to capture audience where they are and from any device through a simple automated SMS text conversation. With Leadlinks they can sign up for new email lists, for user, for webinars right in the inboxes.

Lead capture pop-ups. Money lies in your email list. One of the most popular list building techniques is pop-ups. It affects user behavior a lot. If pop-up that appears on the blog is an obstacle to read the content, it frustrates user. What is Leadboxes? Without using a landing page, you can still grow your email list. Yes. There's an alternative method. You can grow your email list from any WordPress site by using Leadboxes. Start buil- building your list by posting the lead box code to any site that accepts HTML and java script. Simply to say, Leadboxes can skyrocket your email list.

You can Leadbox to any of your blog posts or landing page within the minutes. That's the beauty of using Leadpages for your business. You can these Leadboxes for the following things, to create content upgrades, to grow your email list, to weekly create pop-ups. But, not annoying pop-ups. Leadboxes show up only when someone clicks on the link.

So, guys, the final thoughts. You can do everything from designing a landing page to performing split testing to boost your email subscribers using lead boxes. Top marketers like [Bathleen 00:08:01], [Diamond Ross 00:08:01] use Leadpages to collect their emails by using content upgrades. So, you can say that it's a top pick for most people. If you're looking for an easy to use landing page builder to grow your leads, email subscribers, and sales, Leadpages is absolutely for you.

Who Should Use ​​Leadpages Free Plan? 

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