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Kajabi is a ​powerful course builder for in-depth courses. But, how much does Kajabi cost?  In this post, i'm are breaking down the cost benefits of Kajabi and how it can better serve you in the long run!  ​​Kajabi plans are a bit expensive, but the real question is - Is Kajabi Worth it? ​

​Kajabi  Offers 3 Different Plans​

  1. ​Basic Plan: ​​$149/month or 22222/year
  2. ​Growth Plan: ​$1999/month or 22222/year
  3. Professional Plan: ​$399/month or $999/year

* You can switch your plan at anytime if you are on a monthly billing cycle, however you will save some money if you sign up for an annual plan.

Kajabi Pricing - Find Out Which Plan Is Right For You

 I'll be sharing the juicy scoop on why I use it, why I left Kajabi and came back almost immediately, and who it is and isn't for. I'm even gonna be showing you some of the backend so that you can see how I've built multiple online courses, sales funnels, and an online membership site.

And be sure to stick around until the end because I'm gonna be giving away a free Kajabi coaching session, where I'll help you build your Kajabi site when you use the special link I'm gonna be providing. Exciting stuff, so let's get started with why I use Kajabi and what I use it for.

So Kajabi's been my go-to source for getting my message out to the world since 2013. I briefly left for one week exactly (laughs) in 2018 when they discontinued the version I was using. However, I immediately came back because, in my opinion, it's the easiest backend experience and the most beautiful user experience. And let me show you what I mean. So here are some of the things that I use Kajabi for.

First things first, my website is one big beautiful funnel. So Kajabi's website templates are easy to use, and they look amazing. They have multiple opportunities to add opt-in forms, popups, and flow so that your audience always clicks where you want them to click and to go where you want (laughs) them to go.

Second, I use Kajabi to house and deliver my online courses. And one of my favorite things about Kajabi is that all my documents, images, videos, and anything else that I need for my online courses is uploaded in one place. Now, this is huge and the reason why I left the other platform in 2020.

The other content delivery system, and I'm not gonna mention any names here (laughs), but they made it really difficult to package my online courses. I had to upload my videos to YouTube and then share a link. And then I had to upload my documents to Google Drive and then share a link. And if I'm being completely honest, it was a total pain in the ass.

One of the many reasons why I love Kajabi is because I love having all my content uploaded and gathered in one convenient location. It's simpler for me to package my content, and it's simpler for my clients and students to access it as well. And simplicity is one of my top values, so that really matters to me.

The third way that I use Kajabi is for my sales funnels. Now, in Kajabi, sales funnels are called pipelines. I never could've guessed in a million years that creating marketing and sales (laughs) funnels could actually be fun; but with Kajabi, it seriously is just that. I have multiple pipelines that have captured thousands of new emails opt-ins and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So if you're an online coach who wants a hands-off, automated approach to making sales in your coaching business and making a difference, then this platform is definitely a good match for you.

The fourth way I use Kajabi is for my email campaigns. Now, email marketing with Kajabi is definitely next level. They just up-leveled their game just recently when it comes to emails. Their email templates are absolutely gorgeous and simple to use, and they even give you sample emails in your pipelines to take the guesswork out of what to write when. So you can also set up an endless amount of triggers, lists, automations, and email series to nurture your lists at all the right times when they enter into your pipeline. So whether you're creating a simple broadcast, a nurturing welcome sequence, or a more expansive sales funnel sequence, Kajabi a hundred percent has you covered.

Now coach, I've used Kajabi for online and in-person event signups, webinars, a private forum for my membership site. I've used it for selling digital products and merchandise and, honestly, just so much more. So if you're a coach, course creator, or anyone who is selling their knowledge, then listen up because here are four ways that you'll know if Kajabi is right for you.

Kajabi's the shit #1, design simplicity. So I built my entire website myself, and I am by no means (laughs) a techie or design expert. Kajabi has a wonderful selection of beautiful templates so that you just choose the one that you like best and start dragging and dropping your original content. Plus, you won't have to code a damn thing. Hallelujah!

Kajabi's the shit #2, it houses everything. So proper packaging can make or break someone buying from you, as well as achieving the results the you're promising. Not all platforms or content delivery systems have the option of housing your videos, audios, and documents. And believe me when I say, it's a complete inconvenience to have to add multiple steps to uploading your content. Kajabi is the place for you to house all of the materials included in your online products, programs, or services.

So, for example, if you're selling an online course, each of your modules may include module descriptions, videos, audios, implementation support, so things like templates, checklists, scripts, or workbooks. It may include resources, like articles, books, podcasts, YouTube (laughs) videos, or blogs. It may include community forums and anything else that you plan to use to support your students in getting results.

And I'd love to hear if you've thought about this. In the comment below, please share what platforms or tools that you use to keep your content organized. I definitely wanna hear. I love a good tool.

Kajabi's the shit #3, marketing and sales. So this is the fun part because it's where you develop an airtight plan to get your message out to the world. [inaudible 00:05:26] Now, even though marketing (laughs) typically takes the most split testing and trail and error, Kajabi makes this process so easy for you, everything from email campaign templates to tested pipelines and funnels.

Now as a coach, you're going to have free giveaways, low-tiered price points, mid-tier price points, as well as high and premium price points in your coaching business. So when launching your online course and other products and programs, it's important to determine your next step in your funnel.

So, for example, if your students bought into a $37 mini-course, that may lead to a more expansive online course for $397, which would be a mid-tier price point. And then you may wanna offer support at the next high-tier price point level, which may be a group coaching program, a VIP day, or a one-on-one coaching. So your job is to determine your funnel in order to gently guide your students and clients through your support system at different levels of value.

Another benefit is Kajabi's marketing design templates. Now, if you're not a designer, and I'm certainly not, Kajabi has professionally-designed templates ready for you to use however you want. And you'll look super legit because of how high quality these designs are as well.

The next Kajabi marketing benefit is that it gives you list building hacks. And who doesn't love that, seriously? Your (laughs) email list is your most engaged audience, so we want that baby to keep on growing. And Kajabi is definitely there to support you through that process.

The last benefit is that Kajabi also makes it easy to invite affiliate partners to support you in your marketing efforts. Uh, these are influencers who have either large communities and/or large emails lists of your ideal clients, and they're willing to market your online course for a commission. This is a great way to increase your list and your sales as well.

Kajabi is the shit #4, one price point. So when you buy into Kajabi, your entire business runs on one price point. For me, it's $199 per month. Now, this makes a different because a lot of the platforms and content delivery systems out there are a smaller monthly cost, but they may take a percentage of every sale that you make. Shocking, I know. (laughs) So once you get in there and you start setting up all of your funnels and systems and websites and landing pages, I know you're going to be as Kajabi-obsessed as I am.

So now you know the many wonders of Kajabi and why I love it so much. And as promised, I have a little gift for you. Below I'm gonna be sharing a special link for you to have a free trial period with Kajabi to see if it's the right platform for you. I'm offering everyone who uses this link one free hour long Kajabi coaching session, where I'll coach you through the entire backend, and I'll help you get started in setting it up. And I'll support you through implementing your first funnel.

Who Should Use ​​​Kajabi  Basic Plan

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Who Should Use ​​​Kajabi Professional Plan? 

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Who Should Use ​​​Kajabi Business Plan? 

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​Kajabi Overview ​

​Where Kajabi really excels is its marketing automation tools. You can segment users in your list, send emails at ​specific times based on advanced triggers, and send professionally-branded messages.

​Kajabi Con:
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​Kajabi Pros:
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