7 Top Strategies for Better Music Marketing And Promotion

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Better Music Marketing And Promotion

  1. Find out who and where your fans are
  2. best tools and resources you should be using
  3. How to transition from an independent artist to a music entrepreneur this year
  4. Steps to go from indie artist to music mogul
  5. methods to make the music pay the bills this year
  6. Send your music to blogs, playlists and press outlets
  7. Youtube ads for musician


Don’t click on anything I got going on if you don’t believe you can pay your bills as an independent music entrepreneur. Either you believe, or you don’t. If you do.. Click the link and let me show you how… If you don’t move on! This isn’t for you. 

Introduction: Before you set the call up with me, I wanted to share something with you. Recently

My name is Harold Self Chisolm professionally known as CEO SELF. I’m a musician, Co-Owner and founder of Reign Forever Music Group & Music Publishing, Host of Eff It I’ll Do it Myself Podcast and Grammy-nominated independent music publisher. (Cut to me accepting the J. Cole Award)

I watch so many young music entrepreneurs drop the ball when it comes to structuring their music businesses. Suppose you are a music manager, music publisher, singer songwriter. In that case, want to start an independent label or an artist that needs help structuring themselves so that every move they make contributes to the future of their career then hiring m as a career coach is a must or someone like me. Just find help now so you don’t lose later. 

Songs go viral very quickly and if you’re not ready you will miss out on huge earning potential. Especially with music stepping into the world of blockchain like NFT’s. I’ve been asking myself a few questions for the past few days, am I the only one that see’s royalty checks and statements? Am I the only one that can pay their bills with money earned from music? Am I the only one that understands how a music entrepreneur’s foundation needs to be set up? Am I the only one that doesn’t need major label support. I can’t count how many people I met and consulted who has never seen a royalty payout check or statement of any kind. They invest so much money in marketing their music, but never see any type ROI. What’s crazier is that they assume that the only way to see checks or cash flow is performance money and merchandise sales. I want to help you correct that issue. I want the music to become a serious stream of revenue “just like performance and merch”. Click the link below. I’m gonna give you a free single release checklist that’ll include foundation building. Once you grab that, meet me back here, I wanna tell you a story of how I help 1 group of owners make millions of dollars off of one song. 

Thanks for sticking around. I hope you use that checklist wisely. So as mentioned I wanted to tell you a story about how I help this group of people find and correct there business so they can make millions of dollars. When I’m done I’ll tell you how you can also make sure you’re ready to pay your bills this year with your music. 


  • Once upon of time there was a group of independent label owners who was responsible for a certain hit record that went something like this ( RACKS CLIP PLAYS ) 
  • At the time that song was in it’s beginning stages and wasn’t so popular.
  • I managed to find one of the managing members that was responsible for releasing it. 
  • On my initial call I express how fun the song was and how fast I expected it to grow.
  • By this time the song has circulated for a while now so I closed the call with … have you received any money yet? He said no.
  • I waited a few months to follow up with our initial conversation and while I was out shopping with my family spending money I’ve earned “FROM LESS POPULAR MUSIC” I called and asked “have you made any money yet?” The answer was no, again. 
  • I can’t make this up.
  • Several months went by again but this time he called me and asked “Why the heck haven’t we seen any money yet?”
  • My reply was priceless… Smacking steak, wiping sauces from my face… Foundation bro.. You missed steps while setting up your foundation. 
  • No house can be built on a weak foundation.
  • While you’re out there chasing “streams” and “likes” , an artist that becomes a music entrepreneur is making a living off a fan base of 1000 or less. Simply because he took the time to set up a strong foundation.

Yes it’s the boring part of the business but it’s the most important side. The results was with my help the label management finally was able to pay their bills with the song, not only that we were able to structure a partnership deal with a major label that allowed the management team to retain partial ownership of the song. So as the value of the copyright quickly earned over 4.2 million dollars the team was surely able to pay their bills. 

So as promised

Foundation: This is where it all counts. If this isn’t right nothing else matters simply because you’ll just be making noise without any real career assentives. 

Marketing: What is a music entrepreneur in 2021? He or She is an expert digital marketer or should I say… They understand digital marketing. I’m a trained digital marketer but I hire other digital guys to do my work for me. Leave that passion to the passionate. But it’s very important that you train yourself to understand the ropes so that you don’t get bamboozled. When coaching music entrepreneurs my team and I make sure they’re getting the right resources so that when marketing plans are structured around albums, singles, and/or labels the money spent produces some form or ROI. In many cases it’s monetary and/or data needed to hone in their audience and grow their fans. 

Believing that you have a hit record: 

Music folks don’t believe that their career can be lucrative so they treat it as a hobby

Music folks release music and don’t know how to collect their money

Music folks upload singles instead of “dropping” singles

Music folks don’t know how to keep other people from stealing their songs/beats 

You don’t want a record to go global and not be able to pay your bills off of it.