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The Grasshopper Virtual Phone System can help your small business stay connected and sound more professional. Grasshopper is a great product, and it's straightforward to use. With virtual numbers in over 500 cities nationwide, you can choose the area code that best suits your business or choose an "800" number to make it easy to connect with customers internationally. Additionally, virtual extensions are available at no extra cost, which means you don't have to worry about ringing up different people through one account- they'll all be able to answer calls on their line!

How much does Grasshopper phone service cost? Well, for a local or toll-free number, on-hold music, name director, live call forwarding, unlimited extensions, business texting, voicemail transcription, caller analytics, virtual receptionist. I think it's Grasshopper is worth it.

​Grasshopper Phone service Offers 3 Different Plans​

  1. ​​Solopreneur:  ​​$29/month or $399/year
  2. ​Parthership: ​$51/month or $399/year
  3. ​Small Team: ​$78/month or $999/year

I want to highlight one crucial thing in this review: Speed matters when contacting your leads. You have five minutes to reach out o your leads. It's called the golden window. I'm going to explain why Grasshopper helps you to contact these leads within that five minutes. 78% of customers buy from the first responder, and sales conversions are 391% higher in the first minute. And then, longer than five minutes, an 80% decrease in lead qualification.

Let me explain how Grasshopper can help you to get inside of that golden window. That first five minutes when a lead reaches out to your business or contacts your business. And how it's going to help you close that lead quicker.

Here's a quick look at the Grasshopper plans. Just know there's always this billed monthly versus billed annually. You can switch your plan at anytime if you are on a monthly billing cycle, however you will save some money if you sign up for an annual plan. It kind of depends on your business model and what you're doing.

Grasshopper Pricing - Find Out Which Plan Is Right For You?

You might be wondering why I would want different phone numbers? There's usually a couple of reasons why people want to do that. The first reason might be that you just want your business to appear more official. The other reason might be just because you want to track different marketing campaigns. You can actually attach a phone number to that marketing campaign and then track how many calls are coming in through a specific phone number that you set up.

Who is Grasshopper Phone System for? 

If you're a small business owner, enterprise, mid-size business, entrepreneur, coach, consultant, or service professional, who's looking to receive business call on your personal phone or landline Grasshopper Phone system is for you.

Who Should Use Grasshopper Phone Service Free Plan?

 Grasshopper virtual phone system free plan is more oriented towards personal use. You can set yourself up with a business phone number that forwards to your cell phone or home line. With this virtual business phone service, you can keep it local and/or save on long-distance charges by choosing the city closest to where you live as your virtual office location. Additionally, if you're just looking for an easy way to have multiple extensions available through one account without any additional features, Grasshopper offers a great solution at no cost!

Does Grasshopper Have a Mobile Phone App?

Grasshopper phone service is designed to work on top of your existing landline or mobile service. And Yes, Grasshopper offers a mobile app that lets you make and receive calls from your business number even when using your personal mobile devices. Their mobile phone app is available on both iOS and Android and iOS devices.

Grasshopper's Features Are Very Cool

One of the really cool features of Grasshopper is they have something called instant response. And what that allows you to do is you can have an automated text response. And let's say you have a salesperson, or perhaps you're the salesperson because you're a small business and you're wearing a lot of hats. And then you find yourself in a meeting, or you're busy, or whatever the case may be, and you can't answer that call as it's coming in.

What you can do is if it goes to voicemail, you can send an instant response to that person. And what it does is it sends them a text message. You've started the conversation with that person when they get that text message. Remember taking forever to respond to your business leads can have a bad effect on your business. Remember you must stay within that five minutes golden window.

Compare To Other Virtual Phone Systems Grasshopper wins every time

Grasshopper has much better reviews and a lot more ratings than most other virtual phone systems competitors. So for the price point of what you're getting. I think it's a tremendous service. Especially because of that instant response tool. I believe it's going to help you close more leads and have better customer service with your customers. Because you'll be able to communicate right away, via text, if you or your sales person are too busy to answer the phone at any particular time.

  • Mobile + Desktop Apps 
  • Extensions 
  • Instant Response 
  • Custom Greetings 
  • Call Transfers 
  • Business Phone Number
  • Business Texting 
  • Call Forwarding 
  • VoIP + WiFi Calling 
  • Virtual Fax 
  • Voicemail 
  • Read Your Voicemail 
  • Simultaneous Call Handling 
  • Incoming Call Control 
  • Reporting 

  • Grasshopper Virtual Phone System Pros:
    • Simple interface
    • Import contacts 
    • Inbound and outbound messaging
    Grasshopper Virtual Phone System Cons:
    • Sync and updating of messages
    • Sync between devices

    ​What Do You Think?

    Are you considering using Grasshopper business phone system?

    If so, which plan do you think you'll use?  Whatever plan you decide to go with Grasshopper business phone won't let you down, plus their support team is amazing. -> Click here

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