Need a Business Idea? Here Are 10 Online Business Ideas For Beginners

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Are you looking for business ideas? You’re in the right place. With everything that’s going in the world today, hundreds of thousands of people are considering starting their own business. But starting a business can be a little scary. Especially if you’re used to waking up early in the morning to be at work by 9, and clocking out around 5. 

The primary benefit of starting your own business is that it allows you to make a living while pursuing something you truly passionate about. … By doing that, you’ll find more enjoyment and fulfillment in your work life.

If you’re ready to take a leap of faith, and follow your dream in this article, I will provide you with a few online business ideas for beginners you should look into. Click here to learn how to start a successful blog

1. Become A Blogger

There are a lot of people on the internet making thousands of dollars monthly by blogging. The best thing with blogging is choosing an interesting topic you are very passionate about and turning it into your business.

The key to starting a successful blog is by focusing on one specific blogging niche or topic and build a loyal audience around that topic or niche, for example, technology, baby product, finance, etc…

If you always wanted to start your own blog? Well, the good news is that it’s easier than ever. You can create a blog in less than 30 minutes, and there are plenty of free blogging platforms for beginners like you.

2. Run an Affiliate Marketing Business

Ever heard about affiliate marketing? If not, let me explain – Affiliate marketing is when you recommend a service, software or product by sharing it on your website, social media channels, or to your email list. You earn a commission each time someone make a purchase through your unique referral link or code.

These commissions are usually between 5% to 50%, and some products/services pay a recurring income. 

All you need to do is to find a product, service, or software you want to promote. Once you find it, sign up for their affiliate program. Once you get approved, You will receive your unique referral link or code to promote. Every time someone makes a purchase using your link, then you’ll earn a commission from the owner of the product, service, or software. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make passive income on the internet. 

3.- Selling Online Courses

Selling online courses is one of the best ways to monetize your knowledge. It’s also a low-investment business idea for generating passive income online. To start creating your first online course, think about a topic you know well enough to teach someone how to do from scratch. It can be anything— social media marketing, music production, web development, you name it.

Next, you’ll want to get a screen casting app, like ScreenFlow, to record your screen and voice while you put together a video walkthrough sharing your knowledge. The next step after that is to host your course on a platform like teachable, put a price tag on it, and share it with the world.

4.- Starting A YouTube Channel

YouTube stars are today’s self-made celebrities. If blogging and writing things are not something you comfortable doing, then starting a YouTube channel can be a great business idea for you. 

The opportunities to create multiple streams of income with a YouTube channel can be very surprising once you realize how many of them there are.

What should your channel be about? Well, your YouTube channel can be about anything: Teaching, reviewing, entertaining, or just being awesome on the internet. Here’s how to effectively promote a youtube channel.

5. Social Media

If you’re passionate about media trends and spend most of your time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok, you should consider turning your love for social media into a career.

A social media manager will post as the brand’s account across various social channels. They’re the sole voice of the brand and are responsible for helping a brand/business grow through social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

You can earn an average salary of $47,000 as a social media manager. Here are 7 Must-have Social Media Marketing Tools if you want to take things serious.

6. Create An Online Store‎

You don’t need a warehouse full of inventory to run your own online store, and you can start very small and work your way up. With Shopify, you can sell, ship, and manage your products with ease.

If you always wanted to start your own online store, or maybe even try drop-shipping, now is the time. It’s truly a business that you can do in the comfort of your home (even with kids running around). You can start setting up your Shopify store for free and pick a plan later.

7. Launch A Podcast

Similar to starting a blog, podcasts are a great online business idea with multiple monetization options. If you like the sound of your voice, then you should consider starting your own podcast.

Here’s what you need to start your podcast:

  • Audio recording software
  • A high-quality microphone
  • Call recording software

To promote your podcast, consider sharing it with your friends and family. Collaborate with well-known figures as guests on your show. Aways, ask your audience with their feedback. 

8. Build Apps And Websites

Technology isn’t going anywhere, so, therefore, if you have the technical skills necessary to build websites, apps, and softwares, you can make a lot of money on the internet.

For example, you can build your very own service website to display your expertise, services, digital product for sale, or the way you can go a different route by creating an account on site like Upwork as a freelancer.

People are searching for tech experts every single day, if you position yourself right, you can be the one that they end up doing business with.

9. Consulting

If you have a skill or expertise in anything, you can be a consultant. Maybe you worked for a major franchise managing shipments, or you worked at a marketing firm taking care of their online marketing, or have sold multiple houses as a real estate agent. You can use this experience to help others do similar things without making the same mistakes that you made along the way. 

The very first thing you would need is to get started with building your website.

Read This: Start Your Own Consulting Business by Entrepreneur Press and Eileen F. Sandlin | Amazon | 

10. Create handmade goods

Whether you make furniture, picture frames, or jewelry, selling homemade products an be a great way to monetize your skills.

While you can use platforms like Etsy or Craigslist to sell your creations online, having your own online store will give you more rooms for profits, and make it easier for you to build an audience of repeat buyers.

It’s time to bring your online business idea to life

Once you’ve decided on an online business idea, the next step is to create your business website. You don’t need to be tech-savvy. It can be very inexpensive and easy to setup. To save time – here’s how to create a website from scratch.

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