How to Enable Custom Thumbnails on YouTube (2021)

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A step-by step tutorial explaining:

  • How to create custom thumbnails for your YouTube videos
  • How to enable custom thumbnails on Youtube
  • How to change YouTube thumbnail images 

It’s Important to Use Custom Thumbnails on YouTube if You Want to Succeed.

Thumbnails are generally the first thing viewers notice when they come across one of your videos, and 90 percent of YouTube’s most successful videos use custom thumbnails.

Fun fact you didn’t know Netflix. The most popular streaming service in the world is continuously rotating their customized thumbnails to get better results.

Netflix doesn’t just use artwork from a show or film; it uses an algorithm that has been assigned the difficult task of extracting high-quality photos from those videos. Then the system does further testing to figure out what viewers are most likely to click on.

Netflix’s goal is to get their viewers to stream more shows or films for as long as possible, and customizing thumbnails is just one of the best ways it does this. 

The key takeaway here is that the better and more attractive your customized thumbnails are, the more clicks you’ll get, which leads to more views, and so on.

We have wrote about how to start a youtube channel and make money. Now, let’s focus on getting the most out of your customize thumbnails.

What is a YouTube thumbnail?

Best Softwares Tools and Services We Love

When browsing YouTube videos, the first image shown is a video thumbnail. An exciting picture entices us to view a video, while an uninteresting photo repels us from not clicking.

When you’re uploading a video, YouTube will usually give you the option of choosing a frame from your clip. Wait a moment and reflect on that; you have a better chance of success if you upload your own custom thumbnail thumbnail.

A stunning YouTube thumbnail may make all the difference between a person clicking on your video or scrolling past it. But, if you don’t have outstanding graphic design abilities, how do you create them? Of course, the quickest solution is to use an online YouTube thumbnail maker.
Our favorite 2 YouTube thumbnail makers are Canva and Adobe Spark.

How To Create The Perfect YouTube Thumbnails Design?

Here are a  few tips and tricks you can use when creating the perfect thumbnail for your video. Don’t forget to use one of our favorite tools (Canva or Adobe Spark).

  • Use the best font style
  • Use a relevant and great image.
  • Include title text to deliver context. 
  • Fine contrast with bright background. 
  • Create a design for a small screen
  • Include an image of the face, and make eye contact with the viewer
  • Analyze your competitor and figure out what’s working for them

How To Enable Custom Thumbnails on YouTube (Step By Step)

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1.- To get started, log in to your YouTube account.

2.- Click on your profile picture, scroll down and click on youtube studio.

3.- Next, click the SETTINGS button on the bottom left column of your youtube studio dashboard.

4.- In settings, you will choose CHANNEL and then choose FEATURE ELIGIBILITY.

5.- If your account has not yet been verified, it’s the perfect time to do so.

6.- Click the “Text me the Verification Code” option and enter your mobile phone number. Once you receive a text message with a verification code(usually happen in less than a minute), enter it on the next screen. and press submit

7.- Once verified, you can go to your CHANNEL CONTENT and select any video you choose to add a custom thumbnail to.

7.- Choose a video, click add custom THUMBNAIL option, select the thumbnail you want for the video and save!

Quick Recap On How To Add a Custom Thumbnail YouTube Videos

YouTube is an effective way to share engaging content, build an audience base, scale, and grow a small business. Don’t let unattractive thumbnails get in the way of being successful on Youtube. Your media will be more appealing when you present it in an attractive way.